Ark Taken Night:


We did not do a themed game or craft this night.  Since it was the fall, we made a craft by decorating foam leaves and writing something we were thankful for on the back of the leaf.


1 Samuel 4-6

Kate started by showing the kids each of the signs you see on the board below.  Each time she pointed to a sign, the kids had to make the sound for the sign.  For the Philistines the kids would shout "Arrgghhh", for God they'd say "Almighty!" for the Cows "Moooo", for the Ark "Whooosh" and for the Israelites "Woo-hoo"

Kate then told the story that goes something like this...

Our story starts with a battler between the Philistines "Arrggghhh" and the Israelites "Woo-hoo".  The Israelites "Woo-hoo" realized they were losing the battle to the Philistines "Arrggghhh" so they decided to go get the Ark "Whooosh".  What they failed to realize is they should've sought God "Almighty!" not just the Ark "Whooosh".  Unfortunately,  the Philistines "Arrggghhh" won the battle and the Israelites "Woo-hoo" lost.  During the battle, the Philistines "Arrggghhh" captured the Ark "Whooosh".

The Philistines "Arrggghhh" took the Ark "Whooosh" and decided to put it in the Temple where they worshipped the idol Dagon.  The next day, the idol was laying on the ground, but the Ark "Whooosh" stood tall.  This is because the God "Almighty!" of the Israelites "Woo-hoo" is greater than the idol Dagon.  Then some bad things started to happen to the Philistines "Arrggghhh".  They had a plague of rats, and got sick.  They realized all this bad stuff started to happen once they took the Ark "Whooosh".  So they decided to send it back to the Israelites "Woo-hoo".  So they took two cows "Moooooo" that have never worked together, and attached them to a cart that had the Ark "Whooosh".  They knew that the cows "Moooooo" would try walking in different directions, but if God "Almighty!", wanted the Ark "Whooosh" to go away from the Philistines "Arrggghhh" to the Israelites "Woo-hoo", then the cows "Moooooo" would miraculously walk together.

So guess what happened, the cows "Moooooo" walked directly back to the Israelites "Woo-hoo", and the Israelites "Woo-hoo" praised God "Almighty!" because the Ark "Whooosh" returned.  The Philistines "Arrggghhh" were happy too, cause all of the bad plagues stopped happening once they returned the Ark "Whooosh" to the Israelites "Woo-hoo"

So the Israelites "Woo-hoo" learned that God "Almighty!" is in control and not the Ark "Whooosh", and the Philistines "Arrggghhh" learned that the idol they worship is not as powerful as God "Almighty!"





"I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me"
-John 14:6