Hannah and Samuel:


We didn't do a themed craft this week.  Since it was around Halloween time we did sketch pumpkins


1 Samuel 1 & 2

We first read the stories of Hannah wanting a baby in a rhyming bible, and then Samuel being called by God.  Then we asked a couple review questions:

How did the story start?  (Hannah wanted a Baby)
Did God give Hannah a child? (Yes)
Does God always give us what we want? (No)
Do your parents/parent always give you want you want? (No)
Do your parents make you wait till Christmas or your birthday to open presents? (Yes)

God always knows what you want, and sometimes He gives it to you right away, sometimes he makes you wait, and sometimes he doesn't give it to you at all.  In this story, Hannah really wanted a baby, but God made Hannah wait.  See God had a very special plan for Hannah's child.  He was going to become one to the greatest prophets the world has ever seen, but he wanted Hannah to allow this boy to grow up in the temple.  So when Hannah waited to have a baby for a long time, she told God she would give this baby to Him if He allowed her to have a baby.

The story continues with the baby now becoming a boy.  We drew faces on our two thumbs (depending on how motivated you are, you can do this on the children's thumbs too).  One for Samuel and one for Eli, the high priest.  OK, let's put these two people to bed.  (tell kids to start with a thumbs up sign for both hands, and then press their thumbs down into fists).  "Samuel" (Pop) have them lift up Samuel's thumb.  Have Samuel walk over to Eli (Pop) Have Eli's thumb wake up.  "I'm here Eli, you called?", "No, go back to bed".  Have them seperate and put both thumbs down again.  Repeat this again,  On the third time, have Eli say, "Samuel, next time you hear a voice, say 'Here I am Lord"".  And that's what happened.  It was God talking to Samuel, and that is how Samuel started being a prophet.

If you want to add another application, you can discuss the fact that there are many ways God speaks to us.  The most important and best way (and reliable) is through the Bible, but there are times we can hear him when we pray.  


We didn't do any themed games this week, but if you wanted a theme game you could do "heads-up 7-up"

We did "I like someone who" and Human Tic-Tac Toe