We had a glow night so we had a bunch of "glow" themed games - nothing to do with Ruth, but a lot of fun


Ruth 1-4

We created a story book that tells the story of Ruth.  We went to Michael's Craft Store and bought some Poster Board, and went to the dollar store and got a couple Bible coloring books.  As you can see, the faces were kids from our Kidz Club so the kids were more interested in the story (it worked).  We did this activity during a glow night, so we had black lights around (you can get black lights at Walmart or Home Depot).  If you use yellow or orange highlighters they glow under the black light.  Also, there are special glow in the dark markers that can be purchased as well that are difficult to see unless a black light comes on (these are great for secret messages you want to appear at the end of the story).

A long time ago, there was a famine in the land of Israel.  So, Elimelech and his family moved to Moab because he heard there was food there.  While there, the boys grew up and married Moabite women.
Ruth 2
During the 10 year time though, Elimelech and his sons all died leaving Naomi, Ruth, and Orpa as widows.  Naomi heard there was bread again in Israel and decided to return to her homeland.  She told her daughter-in-laws to return to their family homes and to start a new life for themselves.  Orpa kissed her mother-in-law, and returned to her parent's home.  Ruth, however, clung to Naomi.  She said, "Do not make me leave you.  Where you go, I will go; where you live, I will live; Whom you love I will love.  Let nothing but death separate us."
Ruth 3
When Naomi realized she couldn't change Ruth's mind, the two set out on the long road toward Bethleham.  When they arrived in town, the townspeople were delighted, and asked, "Is this Naomi?"  Naomi replied, "Do not call me Naomi, that means pleasant.  Instead call me Mara which means bitter for the Lord has delt bitterly with me.  Ruth and Naomi returned to Naomi's house and settled in.  
Ruth 4
In the morning, Ruth told Naomi she would go and follow the harvesters in a field nearby to gather the scraps they missed so they would have something to eat.  Ruth found a field that happened to belong to a wealthy man named Boaz.  She followed the gatherers that were already there all day, picking up what they passed.  
Ruth 5
When Boaz arrived, he asked some of the harvesters, "Who is this woman?"  They explained that Ruth was the Moabite woman who returned with Naomi.  They also told him that Ruth was a very hard worker, and only took one short break all morning.  Boaz introduced himself to Ruth, gave her lunch, and encouraged her.  He told her to stay close to his gatherers throughout the whole harvest.  He also told her she was welcome to help herself to the water and food.  
Ruth 6
Then, he told his men to protect her and even leave bunches of grain on purpose for her to gather.  
Ruth 7
When Ruth returned home, Naomi saw all of the grain she had collected and was very surprised.  "Where have you gathered today?" Naomi asked her.  Ruth explained that she happened upon a nice man's field named Boaz.  This made Naomi so happy!  "He is a relative of mine!  Stay with his gatherers.  Do not let them find you in any other field."  She listened to Naomi and worked in Boaz's field until the harvest was finished.  At that time, Naomi had a special mission for Ruth.
Ruth 8
Naomi asked Ruth to go to the threshing floor late at night...secretly so that no one would see her.  Then, she was to uncover Boaz's feet and lay beside them.  Ruth listened.  When Boaz began to get cold, he woke and saw Ruth laying at his feet.  Ruth asked him if he would redeem the land that belonged to her husband's family...and marry her.  Boaz was amazed at the kindness that Ruth had shown to her mother in law!  Boaz said there was another man that had the right to the land first, but he gave her 6 bushels of grain to give to Naomi.  This was a secret messege which meant he would do his best to redeem the land and Ruth and he would do it quickly.
Ruth 9
In the morning, Boaz went to the gate of the city where the men settled business.  When he saw his relative, he called him over and asked if he would redeem the land of Elimelech.  The relative quickly agreed.  Then, Boaz explained that by redeeming the land, he would also be taking Ruth as his wife to continue Elimelech's family line.  Upon hearing this, the relative had to refuse....for reasons we do not know.  Boaz had the men at the gate be wtiness that upon that day he redeemed the land of Elimelech and that he had taken Ruth to be his wife.
Ruth 10
Boaz and Ruth were married.  After time had gone by, they had a baby son and named him Obed.  Naomi was so happy that God had a plan.  This baby became the father of Jesse.  Jesse became the father of King David.  And, through this family line, Jesus would someday be born.


"Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver" - 2 Corinthians 9:7