Songs Table of Contents

Song Name Words Mp3
Big, Big House
The Ten Commandments Song Click here
Pharoah, Pharoah
Jesus Your my Superhero
Lord I Lift Your Name on High
John 11:25
I am the Good Shephard
Fruit of the Spirit

Ten Commandments Song

Sing the following song to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas (see movie files below):

The first commandment that God gave to us:

Words Motion
1. There is only one God Point 1 finger in the air
2. Don't worship idols Show 2 fingers (one on each hand) and have the one finger bow to the second finger
3. Watch your words Put 3 fingers in front of your mouth in the shape of a "W"
4. Rest on the Sabbath Put of 4 fingers on one hand, then put your hand next to your head and pretend to rest on it
5. Obey your Parents Show 5 fingers on one hand, then salute
6. Do not murder Show 5 fingers on one hand, one on the other.  Have one finger "shoot" the other 5 fingers
7. Honor your spouse Have two fingers walk on the other five fingers
8. Do not steal Show 4 fingers on each hand, have them grab
9. Do not lie Have 1 finger "talk to the other four on one hand" about the other five fingers
10. Do not covet Show 10 fingers, make a circle with each hand, then

Here is a youtube link for the ten commandments song