The Tabernacle Night:


We were lucky enough to get some of the extra Kid's Craft kits from Home Depot and use it for our craft night.  Since the talk will include the fact that all of God's people gave generously, we talked about how we, too, should give generously to God.  One of the ways that people do that is by saving money in a bank and giving it to church.


Exodus 25-40 and Hebrews 9-13

When Moses asked God's people to give of their own possessions to help build the tabernacle, he needed to tell them to stop giving since they had an over-abundance.  We too should give generously to God who gave us everything.

Special Tour:

We created a tabernacle out of one of the rooms of our house.  It was actually pretty easy...


We used a fire pit for the altar (this was made of bronze):  This is where the Israelites needed to go to offer a sacrifice before they met with God.  Since God is holy and we are sinners, we need to cover our sins with a blood sacrifice.  Since they didn't have Jesus, they had to give a sacrifice of an animal, but since Jesus died for us, we can approach God without giving any sacrifice.

We used a bowl with water in it for the lavar (this was made of bronze).  Only the priests used this and they needed to be clean on the outside too.

For here, only the priests could go into the holy place through a curtain.  Inside the holy place were:

For the table of shew bread we spray painted a box and put pita bread in it.  

For the alter of incense, we spray painted a cereal box and put incense on top of it.  The priests lit incense twice a day and this represents the prayers of the saints

We cut up a cardboard box, spray painted it and put Christmas lights on it for the menora.  This was the only light in the Tabernacle.  The oil in the menora represents the holy spirit and the menora represents the seven churches which are the light of the world.

The holy of holies is through one more curtain (that doesn't have a hole in the middle...oh well).  This could only be accessed once a year on the Day of Atonement.  When Jesus died on the cross, the viel was torn, and now anyone can access God anytime they want.  This is where the mercy seat (top part of the ark of the covenant) is.  The mercy seat is represenative of the tomb, where two angels were sitting when Jesus rose from the dead.  God often talked to the priest at the ark of the covenant (made of styrofoam and cardboard - by the way stryofoam and spray paint don't co-exist well).

holy of holies

ark of the covenant


"Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver" - 2 Corinthians 9:7